About Us


We are a Black Female Owned Small Business. We are all about changing the environment in your home, and inspired by energy and good vibes. Making candles became an enhancement to our already creative lives which we love.  There's something very attractive about a lit candle that creates an ambiance in any space. Not just through smell, but also through feeling and mood. All that creates an experience that we want to provide for you. 
Make sure to check back often, as we are always adding new items!


  • Deborah R.

    Loooovee your candles, Fantasy is my favorite!!! Smells like a tropical paradises. I also burn the Fantasy diffusing oil and Mango Butter oil in my office my clients love it when they come in . 

  • Kaye T.

    This room spray hands down is the best. My home smelled and felt lovely I just ordered another bottle This spray makes any room smell fresh and airy and I absolutely love it! Shop Reese Designs NOW!

  • Lavonne C.

    Fresh linen is my favorite candle and diffusing oil for my diffuser. Oh & I brought a car diffuser for my mans truck his truck never smelled so good!

  • Rita H.

    I am a very happy, satisfied customer of Sheena's candles and body washes. The scents/fragrances are very pleasing. Eucalyptus Spearmint and Fresh linen are my favorite body washes. They are very fragrant and sensory pleasing. I use mystique room spray every night in my bedroom. It is my end of day scent I look forward to smelling before I go to sleep. My favorite candle fragrance is Secure. When I work from home, is my calming  mood setter. Thank you Sheena for these wonderful products!  Keep them coming.

  • Kenneth H.

    I bought this candle as a gift it smelled so good I ended up keeping it and purchasing 3 more.. the mango butter oil feels amazing after a nice soothing bath.. gives your skin a refreshing feeling and glow 5 stars.. the combination of scent and texture is lovely. Long lasting.. I think this candle/ massage oil would make a nice gift for lots of different occasions. Highly recommended!!!                

  • Yusef M

    If you’re looking for a candle to personally represent your mood for the day, you can definitely find it with @reese_design_by_she candles. I’ve purchased the “Foreplay” , “Serenity” and the “Eucalyptus “ which is my favorite. Due to the fact it gave my room a spa-like feel. Definitely my new go-to for purchasing ambiance candles. Highly recommend

  • Maura D

    I absolutely love all the Eucalyptus products, the candle, body wash and diffusing oil. I put a little of the oil drops in my bath when I want to soak and relax it eases my anxiety form a stressful day. The body wash is very exfoliating leaving you feeling fresh!! Love These natural products.

  • Onika C

    My Amir candle is very soothing and delightful to smell for relaxation and my Fantasy diffusing car oil is the perfect aroma for a nice drive to pick up items to furnish my new home in the peach state. All of my items by Reese Design that I have purchased has been top notch and perfect I will be purchasing them from now on!!!!! Thank you Reese Design for bringing safe new products that smell absolutely amazing and won’t put me in the poor house.